Mu Dong Gung Fu Academy
Rochester, NY
Mu Dong Kung Fu is the traditional Taoist martial art originating from China many thousands of years past. Mu Dong, also known as Wu Dang, refers to the  Mu Dong Mountains of Hubei provnce, where the original Taoist temples were first constructed. 

Mu Dong Kung Fu incorporates the five Taoist elements of water, earth, fire, wood and iron. The five Shaolin animals of tiger, crane, snake, leopard and dragon are also evident in the many forms of Mu Dong Kung Fu. This internal style of kung fu ranks the highest level of expertise within the family of Chinese martial arts. It is the very trunk from which other martial arts have evolved. 

We are a martial art school, teaching Mu Dong Kung Fu as taught to us by the legendary Grandmaster Sam Wong of Toronto, Canada, founder of Mu Dong Kung Fu in Canada and the United States of America. Our academy is located in Rochester, NY.   

Our style involves two philosophies of development. The external element includes forms, development of the physical body through strengthening and coordination of mind and body and self defense. The internal element involves Nui Gong, development of the body's internal energy pathways through supervised exercises, in conjunction with the mastering of specific forms at the appropriate stages of one's development in the art.

Sifu Carl Foti and Sifu Jim Moorhouse are the founders of Mu Dong Gung Fu Academy and  chief instructors with RED SASH ranking  bestowed upon them by Grandmaster Sam Wong of Toronto, Canada. Sifu Jerry Testa is one of our instructors with RED SASH ranking and plays a vital role in the daily operations of our academy.
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